Mycronic Lands Order for Recently Launched FPS6100 Mask Writer

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Mycronic AB has received an order for an FPS mask writer within the multi-purpose segment from a customer in Asia. The system is scheduled for delivery during the second half of 2017. This is the first order for the new FPS6100 that was launched in the end of August 2016.

Mycronic offers mask writers for the manufacturing of photomasks within different fields of application. These areas are display manufacturing (for TV, smart phones and tablets among other things) and applications within the multi-purpose market, a broad segment comprising many different application areas, such as electronic packaging, MEMS, touch panels and other similar applications.

"We are pleased to see that demand for Mycronic's FPS system for cost effective photomask manu-facturing for a wide variety of application areas continues to be strong. With our latest FPS system, the customer, who appreciates the high performance and reliability of our well-proven FPS, gets 20-40 percent higher writing speed combined with improved image quality, compared to the previous model," says Magnus Råberg, Senior VP and General Manager Pattern Generators of Mycronic AB.

The multi-purpose market is a good complement to Mycronic's mask writers for advanced displays. The price level for an FPS is between $2-4 million, depending on configuration and customization.


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