KAPSYS Relocates Production to France

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KAPSYS has moved its entire production back to France, in partnership with the global EMS firm BMS Circuits, thus becoming 100% Made in France. A unique initiative in the telecoms sector as KAPSYS is now the only company that develops and manufactures smartphones in France.

While most French smartphone companies settle for design management in France, entrusting Asian subcontractors with manufacturing, rare are those who choose to manufacture in France.

This strategic choice offers KAPSYS total control over the design, development and manufacturing of its range of products. Relocating to France will facilitate communication with the production unit, thanks to a faster and simplified supply chain management.

This geographical proximity will also enable KAPSYS to offer its customers more flexibility and responsiveness.

"Historically, BMS Circuits, a major player in electronic manufacturing (small and medium volumes), was Sagemcom's mobile phone manufacturing plant (with the GSM-R)," explains Thomas Cocquempot, the site director. "We are currently the only plant that still produces mobile phones in France, such as those dedicated to railway companies' specific networks, which we deliver worldwide. We have also produced Coyote's adaptive driving aids for the past few years." A key argument, that reassured KAPSYS was the impressive production capacity and the quality of the products produced at the site.

"The production unit that supports us is based in Bayonne and is fully qualified to answer our specific needs in terms of smartphone manufacturing," adds Aram Hekimian, founder of KAPSYS. "We are very proud to be entitled to place the 'Made in France' label on our products."

Since 2010, KAPSYS' production was based in Shenzhen, China for the KAPTEN MOBILITY products. This mobile phone's vocal browser helps the visually impaired as they travel around.

KAPSYS in a  niche market

To escape the head-on competition of major brands, KAPSYS has been exclusively positioned in niche markets; since its inception, they serve the  visually impaired and the elderly with the  SMARTCONNECT smartphone.

A potential market of approximately one billion people, on which KAPSYS aims at reaching the highest possible number, thanks to ever more innovative products that meet the users' needs.

"We are the only French player in the market," explains Hekimian, "and we expect to reach a new milestone in 2017 with our new 100% Made in France smartphone, that will be launched in the next few months."

About BMS Circuits

Active in a variety of industries including geolocation, medical, telecommunications, connected products, railway and automotive, BMS Circuits offers a global industrial solution through to the delivery of finished goods, ensuring flexibility and reactivity.

Thanks to its recently installed «Autonomous Production Unit», BMS Circuits can also meet customers’ needs in high volume electronic manufacturing. Member of the ALL CIRCUITS alliance, the global EMS uses automotive standards as a reference to guarantee high quality requirements.


ALL CIRCUITS, a multi-sector EMS with a strong automotive culture, specializes in electronic manufacturing service  and  is  active  in  a  variety  of  industries,  including automotive, telecommunications, medical, and industrial.

ALL CIRCUITS, innovative in its field of expertise, is composed of three plants with a range of complementary skills (MSL Circuits, in Meung-Sur-Loire, France; BMS Circuits in Bayonne, France; and TIS Circuits in Tunisia). The group has made the bold choice of producing high volumes in France, based on strong automation and small and medium volumes in Bayonne and Tunisia.

With more than 1.500 employees, ALL CIRCUITS has a sales of more than 335 million EUR in 2016.


Created in 2007 in Mougins, The Sophia Antipolis Science Park, by Aram HEKIMIAN, specialist contractor in telecommunication technologies and former co-founder of WAVECOM, KAPSYS is a French company that has become an expert in vocal technology, that designs and markets mobility and communication digital products for the elderly and the visually impaired. Designed to facilitate daily life, KAPSYS products benefit from innovative features, accessible through simple and intuitive interfaces.



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