FKN Systek Enables Clean and Safe PCB Depaneling

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FKN Systek has released a table top cut-off saw to use in singulating PCB panels up to 12” long. The S100 saw provides a low stress method to singulate panels and backplanes with sensitive surface mount components close to the edge of the parting section. The operator places the PCB to be singulated onto the positioning rails of a linear bearing guided table, and moves the table with the panel forward to make a smooth clean cut. The system features adjustable guide blades underneath the scoreline, making board alignment quick and easy.

Also, the PCB depaneling saw allows cutting depth to be set to just cut through the PCB itself. Any components which overhang the parting line will remain intact. A built-in dust extraction plenum around the saw blade pulls particles out of the environment into a HEPA filter. An additional clean up vacuum wand can be switched on as desired to remove any dust build up on the PCB edges.

The tool features a diamond saw blade measuring 2.95” (75mm) in diameter. It can cut boards up to 0.25” (6.35 mm) thick.



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