Computrol Installs Five New Intelligent Component Storage Systems

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Computrol has installed five Europlacer LZero3 Component Storage Systems at its Meridian facility. The LZero3 networks with existing MRP/ERP systems and pick-and-place machines to efficiently pick and restock factory works orders. As a result, Computrol’s assembly operation has begun to realize additional production efficiencies from what will be the largest Europlacer Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) implementation in the USA to date.

The first phase of the installation was completed last month.  The installation centers around five Europlacer LZero3 cabinets – all highly configured and integrated into a single storage platform.  Europlacer’s WMS software is at the heart of every effective line-side integration, and, is fully integrated into Computrol’s ERP domain.

“Our recent addition of five Europlacer LZero 3 Automated Storage Systems in the SMT parts warehouse has shown a great reduction in the kitting time for SMT parts per work order, from hours to minutes,” stated Randy Smith, Computrol’s Materials Manager. The low volume SMT parts have been placed on new shelving with bar coded locations and will be scanned into the Europlacer LZero 3 software so that all SMT parts are tracked on the same system, and Computrol will achieve the same benefit.

The LZero3 SMT storage equipment cabinet is part of Europlacer’s highly flexible and expandable range of component storage solutions that intelligently manage inventory items for near-production deployment. Europlacer offers three variants, with the LZero3 being reconfigurable and the ability for Computrol to expand the systems on-site to allow the automatic SMT storage capability to adapt to future changes in the company’s inventory profile.

“We also expect that this system will virtually eliminate parts being put away in the wrong location,” added Smith. “This will keep our material handlers from spending additional time looking for misplaced parts.” 

About Computrol Inc.

Computrol Inc., with manufacturing facilities in Meridian, Idaho and Orem, Utah, is a leading national provider of high-quality, low-volume electronics manufacturing capabilities, serving military, medical, aerospace, broadcast and general industry customers. For more information about Computrol, click here.



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