Beam On Technology Releases Web Application for Calculating Stencil Printability

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Beam On Technology Corp. just unveiled a new web application that provides quick and easy calculations for predicting paste release and solder volume. The new web application is featured on Beam On Technology's website.

The Online Area Ratio Calculator is the only web app made specifically for solder paste stencil printing and now features more shapes than the mobile app. Simply input the dimensions of a specific aperture after the shape is selected and then select the foil thickness. Instantly, an algorithm displays the area ratio, with easy to understand color identifiers that infer solder paste transfer efficiency.

Beam On Technology's Area Ratio Calculator also provides supplemental data such as aspect ratio, solder paste volume in cubic mils, as well as suggested solder paste powder type. This web application features more shape selections, with even more aperture shapes to come, making it the more powerful version of the popular mobile app.

The Online Area Ratio Calculator is now available through Beam On Technology's website and works on all major web browsers.

The mobile version of the Area Ratio Calculator app by Beam On Technology is still free to download and available through the Apple Store or Google Play.

About Beam On Technology Corp.

Beam On Technology Corporation was established in October 1992, founded by manufacturing engineers with extensive knowledge and expertise in the assembly process. Our founding mission was to provide integrated service products to the SMT assembly industry engineered for ease of use that both increase yields and reduce defects. This continues to be our goal.



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