Nathan Trotter Acquires LOCTITE Solder Bar Division of Henkel Electronics

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Nathan Trotter & Co. Inc. has acquired the LOCTITE solder bar division of Henkel Electronics. Prior to the acquisition, Nathan Trotter produced all LOCTITE solder bar sold in North America on behalf of Henkel Electronics. Effective immediately, LOCTITE solder bar will be produced and sold under the Nathan Trotter name. Nathan Trotter has partnered with E-Tronix as the master representative to facilitate the transition. 

As a result of Nathan Trotter's already large presence in the tin industry, the acquisition is expected to generate significant sales and production efficiencies in the electronics assembly industry for tin/lead and lead-free solder alloys. Purity, performance and quality will remain at the same high standards set forth under the LOCTITE brand, while minimum order quantities will be reduced for the benefit of the customer.

"While we enjoyed our successful relationship with Henkel producing LOCTITE solder bar on their behalf, we look forward to showing the electronics assembly market the benefits of working directly with Nathan Trotter for solder bar and recycling services," said Luke Etherington, Vice President of Nathan Trotter & Co.

About Nathan Trotter & Co.

Founded in 1789, Nathan Trotter has grown to become the largest tin manufacturer in North America. ISO 9001 certified since 1997, Nathan Trotter currently serves the Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Plating, and Chemical industries globally.

Operating as the recycling division of Nathan Trotter & Co., Tin Technology and Refining is a world-class secondary tin refiner, serving the electronics assembly and recyclable non-ferrous industries. Tin Tech processes solder dross, solder paste, chunk, ingots, pot dumps, and contaminated debris from electronics assembly and industrial processes.



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