Emil Otto Lines Up New Products for Release

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2016 was a successful year for flux manufacturer Emil Otto GmbH. The company expanded its product portfolio with ESD products, SMD adhesives, and cleaning rolls for automatic stencil printers. It also secured important customers in Germany.

"This was an important step for us. The commercial products fit our core products, the fluxes. It's important to be able to offer our customers everything from a single source. So we decided to further expand the product portfolio," explains Markus Geßner, marketing and sales director at Emil Otto.

The company wasn't idle on the flux side either, and presented a series of new developments at SMT 2016. "We're taking the next step in 2017 and will be able once again to offer our customers an entire series of new fluxes by SMT 2017," says Geßner.

A special focus here is on alcohol-based fluxes, which can be used in wave, selective, and manual soldering as well as in dip tinning. But there will also be new products among the alcohol- and water-based, as well as purely water-based fluxes. Both flux groups are provided for use in wave, selective, and manual soldering.

"During the past week, we've tested all of the new products on commercially available wave soldering systems. The results were remarkably good and we look forward to being able to once again offer our customers a series of promising fluxes. Like previous fluxes, these new developments will also be offered in various packaging units tailored for customer use," says Geßner. "At the moment, we're preparing the new products for market introduction. All of the products will be introduced and obtainable on the market by SMT 2017.



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