What to Look for When Auditing an Electronics Manufacturing Facility

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Are they able to demonstrate that they understand 5D/8D reporting and can they show you a recent customer problem they have resolved? If they run multiple shifts – for example, within their surface mount department – what measures are in place when it comes to shift changeovers? All these questions and more will be on the mind of the quality manager as they work their way through the process.

Drawing to a Close

As the audit draws to a close, the quality manager should have a rounded view of the EMS provider, their capabilities, and the types of customers, markets and products they service. The background research has been carried out, supplier questionnaires have been returned, they have met the people responsible for running the business and they have now talked to the operators responsible for building and testing their product.

So, what's their impression? Do they get the feeling that quality is ingrained within the culture, led from the top down? Or is there a feeling that quality is seen as an afterthought; a reactive process with what appears to be broken promises? Do they think they could work with the EMS provider and the management team in place? Is there a good "fit" and, arguably, one of the most important questions they will be asking themselves is: "Do I trust them?"

We hope you found this insight useful. Clearly, each OEM is different so the approach and some of the questions we have referenced above need adapting to suit your individual outsourcing objectives.

This post originally appeared on the JJS Manufacturing blog, which can be found here.


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