Incap Completes India Facility Expansion

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Incap Corp. recently celebrated the opening of its newly expanded production facility in Tumkur, near Bangalore, in India last January 18, 2017.

The expansion exceeding 2,000 square meters was completed in planned schedule and will be available for full production by April of 2017 after the finalization of ESD flooring. The construction costs were in line with the budget and amounted to approximately €1 million.

Incap's facility expansion is to prepare for the expected growth of revenue as the deliveries to present customers in Europe are growing steadily and the targeted new customers can only be serviced by increased manufacturing capacity.

The floor space including expansion is 10,000 square meters and the number of personnel is about 450. The factory manufactures products like power supplies, inverters and UPS, fuel dispensers, electric actuators for valves, among others, as well as other electronic products.



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