Indium Features Metal Thermal Interface Materials at BiTS Workshop 2017

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Indium Corporation will feature its metal thermal interface materials for burn-in, including the Heat-Spring and the HSMF-OS, at the Burn-in & Test Strategies Workshop on March 5-8 in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Indium's Heat-Spring is designed for use in the burn-in process. It is patterned to optimize contact with non-planar surfaces and provides 86W/mK of thermal conductivity using a pressure range of only 35-100+ psi. Heat-Spring is available in alloys including InAg, InSn and pure indium.

HSMF-OS is a multi-layer construction with a total thickness of 0.004" that is designed for high insertion capability. The interface, consisting of aluminum and non-silicone polymer, has a tensile strength of approximately 90MPa with a soft, compliant polymer backing, which provides a configuration with "designed-in" insertion survivability.

To learn more about Indium Corporation’s metal thermal interface materials for burn-in and test, click here.



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