Alpha and MacDermid Enthone Electronics Solutions to Participate in Automotive Technology Roadshow

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Alpha Assembly Solutions will be showcasing its high reliability products for automotive applications alongside MacDermid Enthone Electronics Solutions (MEES) at the Automotive Technology Roadshow, which will be held from March 7–21.

A part of the MacDermid Performance Solutions group of businesses, Alpha and MacDermid Enthone are global leaders in the development, manufacture and supply of surface coating and joining materials in the Automotive market.

"Alpha Assembly Solutions and MacDermid Enthone Electronics Solutions are uniquely qualified to provide a full range of solutions for automotive applications, from high reliability electronics assembly products to PCB fabrication chemistries and lead-free final finishes," comments Steve Brown, Automotive Electronics Director, MacDermid Performance Solutions.

Alpha will showcase its full range of products for automotive assemblies including ALPHA InnoLot ultra high reliability alloy, which has been designed to withstand the extreme operating temperatures automotive electronics are exposed to within the engine bay. Also to be featured, the ALPHA SBX02 low temperature alloy, which can enable the use of lower cost, lightweight PET flex circuitry for the in-cabin area of vehicles.

The roadshow will travel to top automotive manufacturing sites across the UK and Germany, including Aston Martin, Visteon Engineering Services, Audi and Continental. The roadshow is unique in that it takes manufacturers directly to customers and is aimed at design and development managers, project and R&D Engineers and senior purchasing and management.

Additional information on the Automotive Technology Roadshow can be found at the Dream Marketing website

For more information on Alpha’s Automotive Technologies please visit the Alpha Website.

About MacDermid Performance Solutions

MacDermid Performance Solutions is a global producer of high technology specialty chemicals and provider of technical services. The business involves the manufacture of a broad range of specialty chemicals, created by blending raw materials, and the incorporation of these chemicals into multi-step technological processes. These specialty chemicals and processes are sold into numerous industries including electronics, graphic arts, metal and plastic plating, and offshore oil production and drilling.  For more information, visit

About Alpha Assembly Solutions

Alpha Assembly Solutions, a MacDermid Performance Solutions Business, is the global leader in the development, manufacturing and sales of innovative specialty materials used in a wide range of industry segments, including electronics assembly, power electronics, die attach, LED lighting, photovoltaics, semiconductor packaging, automotive and others. 

With a unique global presence in over 30 locations throughout the Asia Pacific, Americas and Europe regions, Alpha supplies a full line of ALPHA® electronics assembly material products, including Solder Paste, Exactalloy® Solder Preforms, Cored Solder Wire Solder, Wave Soldering Fluxes, Bar Solder Alloys, and Stencils. It offers die attach product technologies to the power electronics segment in its Argomax®, Atrox™ and Fortibond™ brands.

For the LED segment, Alpha offers its Lumet™ products covering applications from die attach to systems assembly in the LED manufacturing process. Alpha also offers product technologies for the Photovoltaic segment, including high performance liquid fluxes and solder alloys for producing standard ribbon and bus bar, as well as, solder pastes, cored wire, conductive adhesives and preforms for use in PV module assembly. Also, Alpha’s Advanced Materials unit is the leader in electronic polymers and solder materials for semiconductor packaging applications. 

Since its founding in 1872, Alpha has been committed to developing and manufacturing the highest quality specialty materials. For more information, visit



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