Sonic Manufacturing Celebrating 20 Years in EMS Industry

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Sonic Manufacturing Technologies Inc. is celebrating its 20-year anniversary, an accomplishment that speaks to the electronic manufacturing service (EMS) company's long-standing dedication to quality and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Customers who have come to rely on Sonic Manufacturing for the last 20 years will appreciate that, in light of the changing environment all around us, the company is still the same dependable EMS supplier it has been since its foundation in 1996. Manmeet Wirk, vice president of sales and marketing at Sonic Manufacturing, believes that the 20-year anniversary for Sonic Manufacturing boasts admirable longevity in its career, with two decades of stability and quality assurance under its belt.

“Our 20th anniversary displays the company’s ability to adapt to changing consumer demands and adopt new manufacturing innovations,” said Wirk.

Sonic Manufacturing thrives on stability and has the same management team since its inception back in 1996. The Sonic Manufacturing team is proud of what it does and works tirelessly to prove its loyalty to its customers. There are no part-time employees at Sonic Manufacturing—a testament to the company’s investment in its people. Sonic is a service company with no products of their own. They dedicate their expertise and systems in producing customized products manufactured in America for their clients. The company’s manufacturing facilities are in Fremont, California, a part of Silicon Valley’s bustling economy.

Sonic Manufacturing has 85,000 square feet of manufacturing space, the latest technologies, and the most reliable equipment for guaranteed excellence. Sonic has grown supporting startups to large OEMs in Silicon Valley. Capacity has grown with the customer base. Sonic currently operates 8 SMT lines, has an employee base of 350 people, and runs two shifts with an offering of multiple test solutions including mechanical assembly services all the way to final pack out and shipping to the customer site or the retailer.

About Sonic Manufacturing Technologies

Established in 1996, Sonic Manufacturing Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS). Headquartered in Fremont, California. Sonic provides new product introduction (NPI), prototyping, all the way to full production and mechanical assembly. Consistent manufacturing excellence, cutting-edge equipment, and industry expertise have given Sonic a reputation as a reliable source for consistent production, retail fulfillment, and international logistics. Sonic is privately owned and operated by the same management team for 20 years. For more information, click here.



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