Hanwha Techwin Expands SMT Engineering Support Team

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Hanwha Techwin Automation Americas, Inc., formerly Samsung C&T Automation, today announced the expansion of the SMT engineering support team for SMT business development by 140 personnel globally.

The team will support systems both in North America and abroad via new product introduction, technical feature enhancements, cross platform compatibility, and continuous improvement initiatives.

Recent examples include SM485 for multifunctional component mounting applications, LED big-board process capability for up to 1.5m PCB lengths, and process monitoring software with SPI/AOI feedback functionality.

“Hanwha Techwin is on the move and driven to deliver more expertise and value to the SMT marketplace of North America,” commented Jonny Nichols, Director of Sales & Marketing.

About Hanwha Techwin

Hanwha Techwin has developed advanced technology for electronic & mechanical design, process, and production with high speed and accuracy, leveraging the technical expertise of semiconductor equipment and industrial automation system. Based on these technologies, they provide high speed and high precision SMT machines to customers to reach their company production goal. In addition, Hanwha Techwin provides synergized SMT assembly solutions combined with world-class service & support throughout North America. Solutions include state of the art printing, placement, reflow, and board handling technologies to achieve high quality and price-performance without compromising flexibility and growth path on demand. All systems include installation, training, warranty, 24/7 technical phone support, next business day onsite support, next business day shipment of emergency spare parts, and free MMI software upgrades for life on select gear.

For more information on Hanwha Techwin, please visit smt.hanwhatechwin.com.



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