Valtronic Celebrates 35th Anniversary

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Valtronic, an innovator and manufacturer of miniaturized and high-precision electronic products for the medical device industry, is celebrating its 35th anniversary. The company has helped hundreds of companies develop and produce medical devices that improve patients' lives. Hearing aids, implants relieving pain or reducing the symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases, insulin pumps or tumor treatment ultrasound robots are just a few examples of applications developed and manufactured with the company's expertise.

Valtronic was founded on March 8, 1982 in the Vallée de Joux in Switzerland. Born out of the conversion from the watch-making industry, Valtronic had already started diversifying into electronics and began its venture with just 40 employees. Today, Valtronic counts about 350 employees and spreads over three continents. With plants in Switzerland, the United States and Morocco, as well as an Innovation Office in the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) Innovation Park, Valtronic offers the whole range of solutions ranging from design and development to industrialization and manufacturing. Since its inception, Valtronic has helped companies all over the world develop and produce class II and III medical devices.

Electronic miniaturization is indispensable to shape tomorrow’s healthcare

The challenge of integrating an increasing number of functionalities into continuously thinner and smaller devices requires the combination of several integration and packaging technologies. Standard processes are no more sufficient to obtain highest density packaging. Innovative miniaturization processes are indispensable when it comes to developing devices such as head level implants, pediatric applications or aiming at reducing traumatic surgeries. Enabling patients to receive treatments at home to increase their well-being is another growing trend in tomorrow’s healthcare which requires to develop smaller and more user-friendly medical devices. Finally, a growing elderly population and the rising prevalence of chronic diseases involve the need for prevention through continuous monitoring.

All the expertise and solutions within one single company

Innovative devices that will make a difference in patients' life start with an idea. The way to its concretization is paved with several steps which require specific competences and capabilities. Valtronic has the expertise and capabilities required to accompany its customers through the entire process, from feasibility over the definition of user requirements through development and industrialization to manufacturing. The full range of solutions offered makes the company unique in its domain. Moreover, with three manufacturing facilities on three continents Valtronic has an ideal footprint and its ability to provide semi-automated mass-manufacturing is another highly appreciated asset.

A long track record of innovative medical devices

Implants used for brain stimulation in case of neurodegenerative pathologies, smart contact lenses improving the management of glaucoma, innovative insulin pumps, complex robots for non-invasive thyroid and breast surgery, complete blood transfusion systems or programmable morphine pumps are other examples illustrating Valtronic's know-how.

A smart approach to the future

As an innovation-driven company, Valtronic will continue playing a key role in shaping the future of medical devices. "Our long years of experience and our expertise are not the only drivers of our success. Our dynamic culture of innovation and our uncompromised passion for excellence allow us to take on any challenge in the field of medical devices and position us among the companies which will shape the healthcare of tomorrow," explains Dr. Rainer Platz, Valtronic CEO.

The company recently inaugurated its Innovation Office in the EPFL Innovation Park, a strategic location which allows Valtronic to remain close to new technologies and research in the medtech field.


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