Plexus Brings Innovation to Realization with Collaborative PlexWheel Project

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Plexus, an electronics engineering, manufacturing and aftermarket services provider, has launched PlexWheel, a joint project between Plexus and Malaysia's Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) University College.

Engineers at Plexus' Penang Design Center and students at TAR University College jointly developed an intelligent wheelchair prototype that uses wireless gesture recognition to navigate in accordance with motion-induced finger movement. In this collaboration, Plexus donated $5,000 and assigned two experienced R&D engineers to mentor the students.

YJ Lim, APAC Regional President, commented, "The partnership with TAR University College demonstrates Plexus' commitment to fostering passion for engineering and technology based careers.  We are pleased to be able to provide the university students with first-hand experience in the proof-of-concept, product design and prototyping processes, and also introduce them to the latest software technology. The experience will be invaluable to their careers as they enter the workforce."

Dr. Ng Swee Chin, Vice President in Academic and Research of TAR University College, commented, "We are thankful for industry leading technology companies like Plexus, which support the development of our students and offer them valuable real-world experience. Through collaborative efforts like the PlexWheel project, we develop a more highly skilled workforce that increases competitiveness in the global market and attracts foreign investment to the region."

The intelligent wheelchair prototype exhibit will be on display at the Tech Dome Penang in this month as an additional new attraction for the general public.

About Plexus Corp.

Plexus ( delivers optimized Product Realization solutions through a unique Product Realization Value Stream service model.  This customer-focused services model seamlessly integrates innovative product conceptualization, design, commercialization, manufacturing, fulfillment and sustaining services to deliver comprehensive end-to-end solutions for customers in the America, European and Asia-Pacific regions.

Plexus is the industry leader in servicing mid-to-low volume, higher complexity customer programs characterized by unique flexibility, technology, quality and regulatory requirements.  Award-winning customer service is provided to over 140 branded product companies in the, Healthcare/Life Sciences, Industrial/Commercial, Communications and Defense/Security/Aerospace market sectors.

About Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) University College

Tunku Abdul Rahman was set up in 1969 by Malaysian Chinese Association (‘MCA’) and named after the first Prime Minister of Malaysia and Father of Independence, YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, the institution was built on the noble principle of providing quality and affordable education irrespective of race, creed and class. After more than 47 years, TAR University College has metamorphosed from a community college to a University College that is highly respected nationally and internationally for its sterling academic track record. Notwithstanding the transformation, TAR University College has remained focused in the efforts to widen access to quality education and such focus has qualified TAR University College to be awarded the Excellence in Education Improvement Award at the recent Asia Pacific CSR Awards 2016.



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