Goepel Extends Support for Embedded JTAG Solutions Technology

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Goepel electronic is extending support for embedded JTAG solutions technology for the SPEA4060 flying probe testers. As a result, analogue pin cards from the flying probe test system (FPT) can now also be used in digital boundary scan tests--resulting in an even higher test coverage.

The flying probe test method can be used for flexible testing of discrete analogue components. Combining this with Goepel electronic embedded JTAG solutions opens up a vast range of possibilities for enhanced, interactive testing. Previously, only digital resources from the SPEA4060 could be used for this in JTAG/boundary scan testing. Users who exclusively used analogue pin cards in the FPT system were therefore unable to benefit from the advantages of the two combined test technologies.

On account of the long-standing and close cooperation between SPEA and Goepel electronic, customers have a sophisticated and well-established package of hardware and software available to them, which can be perfectly integrated in the SPEA4060 flying probe testers. The more cost-effective analogue pin cards also offer potential customers an enormous price advantage when making use of system integration with Goepel electronic.



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