ZDI Launches New PCBA Flying-Probe Test Services

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Zero Defects International (ZDI) has announced the availability of three additional services for use on printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs). These services complement ZDI's long offered contract PCBA testing services utilizing Seica flying-probe test systems.

The first of these new services is that of test program generation for users of both Seica V8 and Pilot flying-probe testers. Companies which own either or both of these platforms can now out-source programming to ZDI. Turn-around is fast and reliable with follow up services available over 12 hours daily.

Reverse engineering is the second of these newest services. Companies having a need for legacy PCBAs, built years ago and without data, can avail themselves of ZDI’s expertise with the Seica flying-probe test apparatus to receive the data needed to produce a PCBA with the exact functionality of the original product.

Failure analysis comprises the third of these services. Because a non-performing PCBA or, one which may have failed functional test, can often be repaired, it is necessary to know the exact failure mode—down to the component level or within the substrate itself. Having this information enables repair but also provides valuable feedback for process improvement.

About Zero Defects International

Zero Defects International is a sales and service company located in Silicon Valley. PCB and PCBA test services and equipment representation, including Seica, are the key elements of the company's success.


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