Firstronic's Grand Rapids Facility Launches Medical Box Build

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The Grand Rapids facility of EMS firm Firstronic is now building two models of smart monitors for infant apnea for Circadiance. The project includes both PCB assemblies and box build.

"This product is one of the most intricate products we build in terms of the range of internal core competencies it utilizes. Our team fully understands what a mission critical role it plays for patients both in an acute care and in a home care environment," said Becky Lutz, Account Director.

The project includes an integrated program, functional test, pack and ship station for efficiency and product serialization integrity. Plex online provides the required traceability and device history data collection support.

Firstronic's team provided robust transfer of work support during the project launch.

"The project was transferred from another contract manufacturer. The customer had the legacy product documentation, but not the most current revision. Our team was able to rebuild the documentation and transfer to paperless work instruction to ensure it reflected the latest revision," added Becky.

A subassembly Kanban at the PCBA level has been created to support variations in demand for different models, plus accessory kits used in the field. The Grand Rapids’ facility recent ISO 13485 certification was instrumental in winning the program.



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