West-Tech Materials Named Sales Representative by DESCO, Protektive Pak and Excelta

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DESCO, Protektive Pak and Excelta all named West-Tech Materials as their sales representative in Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Founded in 1992, West-Tech Materials represents leading manufacturers specializing in the design and engineering of medical products and electronic assembly supplies and materials. With over 25 years of engineering and sales experience in the field, Rick Campo, president of West-Tech Materials, has developed a business designed to provide the highest level of service and cutting edge technology to the industry. Tom Seratti, an electronics industry veteran leads this effort at West-Tech Materials as the Vice President of Electronic Assembly Division. 

Desco manufactures a wide variety of static control product, including personal and workstation grounding, ESD table top and floor matting, constant monitors, bench top and overhead ionization, floor finishes and ESD flooring, tape and signage. 

Protektive Pak specializes in ESD packaging, handling and shipping products, including impregnated corrugated in-plant handlers, storage containers, bin boxes, circuit board shippers and stacking trays. Also PlastekTM containers & Thermoformed kitting trays, conductive and dissipative foams, ESD tape, bags and tool carriers. 

Excelta  is a renowned for their precision tweezers, cutters, pliers, lead forming and specialty tools, featuring cushion ESD foam and molded grips in ergonomic size handles.  Tweezers, ranging from ultra to general precision for all applications, are available in cobalt, titanium, stainless and carbon steel. 

“During our 26 years of providing technical sales support including equipment demonstrations, process assistance, and product training,  West-Tech Materials has provided customers with the most advanced solutions for their production requirements. These new product lines will further enhance our ability to continue to deliver on our service and technology commitments.”


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