IMI Bulgaria Celebrates 20th Anniversary

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IMI Bulgaria recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. This momentous occasion is a manifestation of how strong, successful and sustainable the implementation and management of IMI BG all these years.

Looking back, everything started from scratch in 1997 during EPIQ's time with a few machines to deliver electronics for household use in France. As the company grew over the years, it now has more than 10 automotive customers making IMI a major player in the European automotive EMS. IMI BG headcount now boasts of 2,300 employees who assembled more than one billion products shipped to customers.

IMI President and COO Gilles Bernard thanked all the employees, local and national authorities, partners, suppliers and customers for their contribution to IMI's success.

General Manager Eric De Candido also expressed his gratitude to all the employees for their commitment that helped IMI Bulgaria become successful and braced everyone for the new challenges ahead.

IMI BG inaugurated the new 8,500 sqm operational shop floor that will house the warehouse, plastic injection, toolshop areas and another 2,000 sqm administrative area. The new factory is designed to bring the safest and most pleasant work environment.

The ribbon was cut by Bernard, de Candido, The Vice Minister of the Economy in Bulgaria, The Executive Manager of the Bulgarian Investment Agency and the Mayor of the Municipality of Botevgrad. The President of The Republic of Bulgaria also sent a special congratulations letter on the occasion.


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