Vitronics Soltec Products Win Two SMT China Vision Awards in Reflow and Selective Soldering Categories

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ITW EAE’s Vitronics Soltec earned two coveted VA Excellent Awards from the SMT China Vision Awards at the recent NEPCON China exposition and conference in Shanghai. The CATHOX Catalytic Thermal Oxidizer was recognized in the Reflow Soldering category and the ZEVAm took the prize in the Selective Soldering category.

The Catalytic Thermal Oxidizer (CATHOX) is an advanced system for keeping SMT reflow ovens clean and free of contamination. A nanomaterial-based catalyst system thermo-chemically decomposes organic materials outgassed from solder paste, bare boards and components. The nanotechnology makes it possible to change the chemical composition at temperatures around 250ºC. It is very effective in removing volatile compounds from the process tunnel during reflow. In thermal oxidation, organic vapors are converted to hydrocarbons, which are captured by a filter.

 “CATHOX technology significantly reduces maintenance,” said Ton Colijn, ITW EAE Soldering Solutions Business Manager. “Increased production pressure, miniaturization, and implementation of pin-in-paste increase the consumption of solder paste which typically requires more maintenance in a reflow machine.  The innovative CATHOX technology is increasing uptime approximately 10one hundred percent.”

The ZEVAm Selective Soldering system features patented technology that excels at meeting the challenges of miniaturization. High-frequency drop-jet fluxing technology allows for faster robot movement and a shorter cycle time. After running through the preheater, boards are transferred into a separate conveyor unit that can be tilted in x or y direction. The board is tilted and dragged over the wave. The tilting up or down from 4 to 10 degrees parallel and/or perpendicular to the conveyor makes solder joints accessible from all directions. The solder pot can also turn 360º. This tilt and rotate ability makes it possible to solder fine pitch connectors using non-wettable as well as wettable nozzles. Together with a solder drainage conditioner bridges on fine pitch connectors will be removed.

“ZEVAm is preparing our customers for the challenges in fine pitch selective soldering” said Ton Colijn, ITW EAE Soldering Solutions Business Manager. “The ability to solder under an angle has a proven benefit for fine pitch components and provides more flexibility to program for tight ‘keep out’ areas.”


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