VirTex Nominated for Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing Leadership Award

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For the second consecutive year, EMS firm VirTex has been nominated for the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing Leadership Award for the category "Big Data and Advanced Analytics Leadership".

"Project Tandem", the project which received this nomination, addresses limitations in traditional manufacturing scheduling tools and provides greater visibility to labor requirements in a combination of linear workflows and lean manufacturing work cells. Project Tandem was recognized for its ability to forecast and track the labor required within work cells, with inbuilt visibility to ensure manufacturing variances are monitored. This allows production management to adjust to any change in demand, offering a higher degree of flexibility on the shop floor.

"The analytics of data that VirTex now provides is on another level.  The data that is collected on the shop floor is analyzed instantly and in a number of different ways.  In the high mix, low/medium volume environment in which VirTex operates, we can see trends over time that would be missed by just looking through a standard manufacturing process," said Eric Wichmann, General Manager, VirTex Austin. "This enables VirTex to identify the right responses and provide the right feedback to customers in a faster, more comprehensive manner and allows the customer to utilize the data fully for their business processes and continuous improvement procedures."

Brad Heath, CEO and owner, VirTex, concluded, "We have developed a number of custom applications and dashboards, all in-house collaborations, for the purpose of not only improving operations via visibility and transparency, but also to provide predictive and performance analysis, plus supply chain planning and manufacturing optimization. We understand that manufacturing and operational excellence is a journey and one that is never completed.  As a result, we have a substantial and flexible investment plan that allows the individual empowered site managers to make decisions quickly and efficiently.  Behind this investment strategy is a strong capital base and an approach that promises, if a customer needs a solution and it makes sense, let’s get it done, and get it done quickly.

"It is our belief that 'Big Data' and analytics are the future for creating value for our customers, which is why we will continue to invest in this area. For VirTex to be considered among the great brands of Cisco, Merck, Micron and Bristol-Myers Squibb is truly a great honor indeed."



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