VJ Electronix Summit 1800i as Popular as Its Predecessor

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VJ Electronix Inc. has reported success with the new Summit 1800i. Both long-term Summit customers and new, domestic and international, have placed orders for the enhanced model.

Summit 1800i is an improved version of the world’s most popular rework system. VJE has maintained the benefits of high-efficiency convection heating and the renowned 1-2-3-Go interface, coupled with updated technology for greater reliability and an improved price point. Further refinements enhance the system’s performance with ultra-small components like 01005s, while maintaining its capabilities with large boards, oversized CPU sockets, connectors and large BGAs.

According to Don Naugler, VJE's President and General Manager, "The Summit 1800i provides our customers with everything they liked in the Summit 1800, plus more. And yet, we are able to offer the improved system at a lower price, making what has been the best value in rework even better."

The Summit 1800i comes with a standard 18 x 22" (455 x 560 mm) board capacity, with the option to increase to 22 x 30" (560 x 760 mm) – a feature that is very popular for networking and telecom applications. The standard 1.6 kW convection top heater now includes a new 2.2 kW heat boost mode for large connectors, sockets, and simultaneous BGA rework.

The Summit 1800i uses two color LED lighting and now offers an optional 80 mm alignment field of view, allowing rework of the widest range of components from ultra-small passives through the largest sockets and multi-chip modules.

System operation and process setup are as easy as ever. The user may choose between the traditional 1-2-3-Go interface, or the new icon based GUI. Auto Profile allows the process engineer to quickly and accurately generate new profiles, but now adds the ability to modify and smooth the results.

About VJ Electronix

VJ Electronix, Inc. manufactures production ready, automated Rework and X-ray inspection systems with many advanced capabilities. The company frequently provides custom solutions tailored to satisfy specific application requirements. VJ Electronix is a worldwide leader in X-ray Inspection and Rework equipment.

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