The Role of an Account Manager Within an EMS Provider

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Providing your order matches the quote the account manager sent they will be able to load it onto their system and begin creating the associated works orders. If there are differences that impact price, delivery or technical capability, then the account manager will discuss these issues with you prior to formally accepting the order.

Works order creation

Your outsourcing strategy and the agreements you have in place with the EMS provider will determine how much work the account manager will be expected to do in this area. If, for example, you order products with deliveries against fixed firm schedules then the system used is likely to automatically create associated works orders at the point the sales order is loaded. However, if you have a service level agreement (SLA) in place with your EMS partner to support configure-to-order (CTO) manufacturing, the order they receive from you would likely form part of your "call off" requirement to be down debited against an estimated annual usage. In this instance, the account manager may need to raise a number of manual works orders to generate demand for the appropriate configuration requirements. Clearly, EMS companies all operate different internal systems and order mechanisms so the extent to which this work is carried out will vary between suppliers.

Once your firm demand has been loaded by the account manager they will be responsible for acknowledging your order back to you. If there are differences between your requested delivery date and the date they acknowledge, this should be made clear to you.

Material procurement

At this stage of the process, the procurement team within the EMS provider will take over and begin placing material purchase orders for all items not already in stock. One of the key benefits of outsourcing to an EMS provider is direct access to a broad supply chain. When it comes to materials, particularly electronic components, you will often find a proportion of the material you specify on the BOM is either already in stock, or on order for another customer or project. The account manager will work closely with the procurement team to ensure any bespoke items or those on extended lead-times are highlighted internally and ordered promptly.

Problem solver

Loading an order onto their system is really just the start for an account manager.

Prior to production, they will be the single point of contact internally for any questions or queries. These could, for instance, relate to material issues – i.e. the lead-time of a part increases after the initial order has been placed. In this instance, the account manager may need to check back through your data to see if you have any other alternatives listed on your BOM. If there are, and these are readily available, they will need to make changes to the business system so that their procurement team can see demand for the revised part and order it. If there are not any alternatives, they will talk to their procurement team to understand the options available so they can then discuss these with you.

Alternatively, a query relating to build data might occur. There could be gaps in the data you supplied and, although EMS providers can quote certain builds without having all technical files upfront, they will need them once you place your order. The account manager will be responsible for liaising with their engineering team and then approaching you directly for the data in advance of your order hitting the production line to avoid delivery delays.

In a manufacturing environment problems and challenges occur daily. More often than not solutions can be found to overcome these and a good account manager should only raise issues with you when they have exhausted all other avenues.

Product lifecycle manager?

A good account manager and EMS provider should support you throughout the entire life cycle of your products. This often means working with you to overcome obsolescence issues on legacy products or involving the engineering department to offer design for manufacture (DfM) advice on new ones. Perhaps you need to know which serial numbers shipped for a particular unit six months ago? Or how much material you are committed to in the supply chain as you are considering a design change? Whatever your query or question, an account manager will be on the other end of the phone ready to help.

Good EMS providers encourage regular communication with their customers. Business reviews are a great way of formally reviewing areas such as delivery and quality performance. They also provide a platform to discuss existing service level agreements or long-running projects as well as new business opportunities. Account managers will host and lead these meetings and, in some cases, they will consist of just you and them. In other cases, particularly at more formal "quarterly" reviews, these meetings could extend out to senior managers within your business, engineering teams or procurement staff.

Their mission is to understand your products and business inside out. They should know how your internal part numbering system breaks down and the intricate details of all of the components that you call up on the BOM. They will have their fingers on multiple pulses, day in, day out. They will seek opportunities to meet with you regularly but avoid tying you up in knots with trivia. Their job is to take away the headaches associated with manufacturing so you and your company can focus on what you are really good at – designing and selling great products.

So, if you haven’t already partnered with an EMS provider yet, or you are currently comparing suppliers, hopefully, this article gives you an insight into what you should expect from the person responsible for managing your account.

This article originally appeared on the JJS Manufacturing blog, which can be found here.


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