IBL Technologies Celebrates 30 Years in Business

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IBL Technologies LLC recently held its 30-year anniversary celebration. The two-day event, which took place June 20–21, 2017 at the company's Burnsville facility, honored 30 years of development of IBL's vapor phase soldering machines as well as 20 years for R&D VaporTech.

"We are so pleased to be celebrating these milestones. We are proud to have the most experienced vapor phase technologies team in the world in addition to being the only vapor phase company with manufacturing and service centers in both Europe and the US. These skills and support centers will allow us to continue to grow in to the next generation," said Jochen Lipp, IBL CEO.


Jochen Lipp and Helmut Leicht toasting to 30 years.

IBL started in 1987, when Helmut Leicht started Ingenieurbüro Leicht as an engineering firm. The company moved beyond engineering in 1988 when IBL began manufacturing its first vapor phase soldering systems. In 2013, IBL acquired the U.S. vapor phase manufacturer, R&D Technical Services, and expanded its technical center and manufacturing capabilities in Burnsville, Minnesota.

The event kicked off with a toast to the company's 30-years of success and included a presentation of new machines, as well as training on new machine features. Brainstorming sessions were held with the industry's top manufacturers' representatives to discuss future projects and improvements.

IBL prides itself with the development of several vapor phase soldering machines, from batch to inline, as well as a vacuum series of systems. Today, IBL has a wide customer range from all industry segments of the electronic industry and more than 2,000 installed machines worldwide. The company provides the highest soldering quality, low running costs and customer-oriented solutions. For more information, visit www.ibl-tech.com.


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