Mek and Haprotec Partner on Fully Automated THT Inspection System

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Mek.jpgThe Mek SpectorBOX broke new ground in AOI when it was introduced several years ago. Its unique look up and look down capabilities made it an instant hit for THT inspection, eliminating the need for board flipping while providing the ability to examine every defect in microscopic detail.

Haprotec is an experienced turnkey systems supplier for THT assembly lines and automated factory logistics. They provide comprehensive solutions for both assembly and test processes, including custom built machines.

Now, the integration of the Mek SpectorBOX with Haprotec's automated production lines raises the quality and capabilities of automated assembly lines with AOI for THT to entirely new levels. Hands free inspection of THT components, placement, pin-in-hole as well as selective and wave soldering is now possible. In addition, these automated lines can seamlessly integrate track and trace and MES systems including XML and RFID data transport.

"One of the major challenges in electronics assembly today is the ever-increasing need for traceability. Customers demand more automated quality control procedures and track & trace data collection from every individual step of the process, whilst maximizing production efficiency and yield, and minimizing human intervention and production cost. Although THT manufacturing has traditionally relied on manual assembly, the complete integration of AOI into THT lines allows users to register quality information for each product in an automated, hands free, smart factory format," said Henk Biemans, Managing Director of Mek Europe. 

"We are delighted to partner with Mek and to provide high-quality, fully modular AOI," added Christian Happ, Director of Haprotec. "The integration of Mek SpectorBOX with Haprotec automated production lines will bring together the best of THT AOI and automation of assembly lines. We look forward to building this partnership further in the future."

About Mek (Marantz Electronics Ltd)

A former division of Marantz well known for its high quality Audio/Video products, Mek Japan (Marantz Electronics Kabushiki Kaisha), developed its first AOI system in 1994. Developed to inspect PCB assemblies for correct component placement and soldering, the company’s original AOI system was designed for use in Marantz factories. Proving to be a highly successful, cost-effective alternative to traditional human inspection, Mek developed its first generation commercial system in 1996. With a steadily growing installed base, Mek Japan and its European/American headquarters, Mek, have sold over 5000 units worldwide to date. Now well established as a leading force in AOI technologies, the company recently launched a 5D post-print SPI system which combines 3D and 2D image processing methodologies to deliver unprecedented defect detection. At the beginning of March 2014 the company opened US offices in Las Vegas.

About Haprotec

Founded in 2002, Haprotec is a specialist partner for the development of system automation and customised machine construction, from conception through implementation and deployment to ongoing support.  Core competencies include the creation of integrated solutions for the assembly and testing of electronic assemblies, as well as the entire electronics production process. Located in Kreuzwertheim, Bavaria, Germany, Haprotec is owner-managed and employs 40 people.


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