Shenmao Highlights New Fluxes and Solder Pastes at SEMICON West

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Shenmao Technology. Inc. will introduce its new generation ultra-low-residue liquid flux SMF-B51 at the upcoming SEMICON West event to be held July 11–13 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. Shenmao will be at Booth 5716.

Shenmao's SMF-B51 features superior spray uniformity, excellent soldering performance and a wide process window for chip scale and fan out wafer level packaging (CSWLP and FOWLP).

Shenmao will also highlight its ultra tacky flux SMF-WC52, which is suitable for the flip chip dipping process. Its high tacky property keeps chips in place during reflow for excellent soldering performance, while creating outstanding solder joint strength.

Another exhibit from the company is the PF606-P140 lead-free solder paste and PF606-P245 zero-halogen lead-free solder paste at the event. With a wide process window, superior print and solderability to solve head-on-pillow issues and improve ICT testability, the products easily fit into complicated PCB designs through excellent convergence performance.

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