NOTE to Manufacture myFC's JAQ Hybrid

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Swedish innovator myFC develops green energy solutions and is a world leader in micro fuel cells. Its product JAQ Hybrid, which NOTE will manufacture, is a powerbank for smartphones containing a fuel cell and battery, enabling it to create and store energy.

"Sustainable energy solutions are an interesting and important segment. We have participated in the prototyping phase in Sweden, and will start volume production in China, which demonstrates that customers value our contemporary, rational offering. The potential for NOTE is substantial, and this technology presents opportunities in several segments," commented Per Ovrén, CEO and president of NOTE.

"myFC's vision is to make green energy constantly available, and we're looking forward to starting our partnership with NOTE," responded Michael Glantz, CPO of myFC.

About NOTE

NOTE is one of the leading Northern European manufacturing and logistics partners for production of electronics-based products. NOTE produces PCBAs, subassemblies and box build products. NOTE's offering covers the complete product lifecycle, from design to after-sales. NOTE has a presence in Sweden, Finland, the UK, Estonia and China. Sales over the past 12 months were SEK 1,096 million; the group has approximately 900 employees. NOTE is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. For more information, please go to


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