Ascentech Achieves Sales Milestone: Over 100 Gensonic Stencil Cleaners in North America

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Ascentech LLC has achieved a sales milestone by selling more than 100 Gensonic Stencil Cleaners in North America. The Gensonic is a manually-operated, ultrasonic transducer unit for cleaning stencils used in printing solder pastes and adhesives. It can be used either directly on the printer or at a separate cleaning station.

In making the announcement, Randy Allinson, president of Ascentech, said, "We are very happy to announce that we have now broken through the century mark, and have shipped over 100 Gensonic ultrasonic stencil cleaners in North America. This small, low-cost cleaner has demonstrated the ability to clean the most demanding SMT stencil designs, proving that quite often, clean simplicity in approach and design can solve the most complex problems."

"Most soldering defects have their origins in the solder paste printing process," Randy continued. "A clean stencil is one of the best means of minimizing solder paste printing defects. This is perhaps why the demand for effective, reliable SMT stencil cleaning solutions is constantly increasing."

About Ascentech LLC

Ascentech, LLC is the North American Distributor for GEN3 Systems, Inspectis Optical Systems AB, Optilia Instruments AB, and also supplies the industry with other testing and process optimization solutions for electronics manufacturing. To learn more, click here.   


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