Ellsworth Adhesives Europe Expands Product Portfolio

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Ellsworth Adhesives Europe has added the new Dow Corning EA-5151 adhesive to its product portfolio. This 'Quick in Connect' (QiC) adhesive has been formulated to accelerate electronic assembly and increase production throughput.

Available as a one-part silicone formulation, Dow Corning EA-5151 is applied as a warmed liquid with a plunger-equipped gun or a robotic dispenser. It cools to a solid viscoelastic material, ensuring primerless adhesion to a broad range of metals and plastics, including substrates that are difficult for many alternative solutions to adhere to.

A neutral cure RTV adhesive, EA-5151 has been aligned with transportation electronics market trends to offer a key solution to support vehicle efficiency improvement with overall increased safety, enhanced comfort and entertainment. This adhesive has been designed for use in automotive electronics and industrial environments on energy control units, sensors, displays including entertainment, navigation and communications, battery packs and other components requiring attachment, gasketing, lid seal, connector sealing or adhesion.

A unique feature of EA-5151 is its utilization of silicone technology, which in turn achieves instant green strength when dispensing. This green strength cures to become a strong moisture-cured silicone adhesive and allows the user to handle assembled parts immediately after application. Overall this minimizes waiting time, reduces energy costs and mitigates the need for assembly aids. Combining as a fast-green strength at room temperature, ensures a more efficient alternative to heat-cured adhesives, double-sided tapes and mechanical fasteners is always on hand.

Additional features of Dow Corning EA-5151 include: long open time and pot life, no part warm up time, service temperatures from -45°C to 150°C and the option to be used in conjunction with standard heat assisted dispensing equipment.

About Ellsworth Adhesives Europe

Ellsworth Adhesives Europe is the regional arm of American owned global entity, The Ellsworth Corporation. Across Europe, Ellsworth Adhesives has branches in France, Spain, Germany, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom, where our headquarters is located.

As a distributor of adhesives, specialty chemicals and adhesive dispensing equipment, the Ellsworth Adhesives product portfolio is huge and encompasses all of the industry’s leading brands including Loctite, Dow Corning, Dymax, Lord and many more.

From epoxy adhesives and potting systems, to conformal coatings and surface preparation products, Ellsworth Adhesives has a material to suit every application. Alongside adhesive materials, Ellsworth also supplies a wide range of manual and automated adhesive dispensing equipment including tips, cartridges and static mixers, as well as dispensers and dispensing robots.

To learn more about Ellsworth Adhesives, visit: www.ellsworthadhesives.co.uk    


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