Universal Introduces Revolutionary Uflex Automation Platform to Asia Market at NEPCON

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Universal Instruments will exhibit on Booth IN65 at the NEPCON South China trade show in Shenzhen, China on August 29–31. On the booth, Universal will unveil its ultra-flexible Uflex automation platform, which breaks traditional automation solution barriers with simplified field reconfiguration and a dramatically shortened payback period. Uflex will complement a variety of automation solutions highlighted on the booth, including the ultimate all-in-one surface mount/odd-form and hot bar bonding solution featuring the company’s FuzionOF and Flexbond platforms. Also on display will be Universal’s FuzionSC semiconductor platform and the new value-driven, high-performance AdvantisV midrange surface mount platform.

First introduced at the 2016 IPC APEX trade show Las Vegas, NV, USA, the Uflex automation platform leverages user-level custom programming with minimal retooling to effortlessly transition to new applications. It delivers exceptional cost performance for a full range of automation tasks, including pick and place, dispensing, screw driving, labeling, and test handling. Uflex offers a fast ROI, improved time to market and superior quality when replacing manual processes, as well as dramatic cost, yield, reliability and investment protection benefits versus custom cells.

Flexbond is the world’s first high-throughput automated hot bar bonding platform, featuring dual-zone processing and up to 12 bond heads. When coupled with Universal’s Fuzion® Platform, Flexbond provides a fully automated volume solution for advanced flex circuit and other hot bar applications, delivering full process capabilities, including flux transfer, high-accuracy placement and hot bar soldering. These solutions have been shown to provide up to 12X the throughput of traditional manual assembly stations and more than twice that of alternative automated hot bar solutions.

FuzionSC is an all-in-one platform capable of placing a broad range of die and surface mount components. With ±10 µm accuracy, 625mm x 813mm panel size capability, and the highest throughput of any semiconductor platform, FuzionSC delivers the best accuracy at highest speed over the largest work area. This versatility delivers the lowest-cost solution for multi-die flip chip, System-in-Package (SiP) and fan-out assembly.

AdvantisV combines the best in technology and performance with a low entry price and unmatched scalability. It leverages simplified base platform configurations built on premium technologies, providing all the functionality for today's requirements with an upgrade path for tomorrow's challenges. With a component range from 01005s to 150mm square and up to 25mm tall and a throughput of up to 66,500 cph on a single module, AdvantisV offers affordable performance without compromise.

“Flexible automation is a critical component in the evolution of electronics manufacturing. Even here in Asia, where manual assembly has traditionally played a substantial role in the electronics assembly landscape, higher-complexity products, rising labor costs and the inherent lack of DFA continues to drive the move towards automation,” noted Universal Instruments Vice President of Marketing, Glenn Farris. “While each of Universal’s automation solutions delivers exceptional value, it’s our exclusive ability to integrate comprehensive and flexible solutions that sets us apart from other providers,” added Farris. “We’re really looking forward to collaborating with the NEPCON community and leveraging our recent successes with these solutions to offer a unique perspective for their current automation challenges.”


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