VirTex Appoints Will Oliver Vice President of Strategic Alliances

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Will Oliver has been appointed vice president of strategic alliances for VirTex. This is a newly created role within VirTex and one deliberately designed to support the company's aggressive business development goals.

As the vice president of strategic alliances, Oliver’s experience in strategic team development will be a key component in developing and managing a North American team of rep firms, in strategic locations, within the United States and Canada.  He will be responsible for strategic customer development. 

Oliver joins VirTex from Key Tronic Corp., where he held the position of vice president of business development for just over two years, and prior to that he was the strategic business development manager for Flex for over four years. Through these key positions, Oliver has demonstrated his ability to build significant connections and relationships that support his proven wealth of knowledge and experience within the electronics manufacturing industry.

Rick Polansky, Senior Vice President Business Development and Marketing, commented, "We are delighted to welcome Mr. Oliver to the team. At VirTex, we are making significant steps to invest in the high achievers, and the appointment of Mr. Oliver is indicative of our progress. We are confident that he will, from the get-go, advance our national business development rep team and provide a select group of strategic customers with an unsurpassed level of customer care within the electronics manufacturing industry."

On his appointment, Oliver commented, "VirTex is an energetic, exciting and dynamic team. When you say to Brad Heath, the CEO, can we try this? His response is, 'We sure can.' With this 'go-get-them-tiger' attitude to strategic awareness and change, VirTex is the company to watch as we set out to transform the electronics manufacturing industry as you know it. How thrilling is that? And what an opportunity to be part of the company’s revolutionary history."

Oliver would like to add that VirTex is looking for strong rep relationships within most of the regions in the U.S. Therefore, if your firm or rep firm is looking for a new line in the EMS market, they should contact VirTex. Oliver will attend this year's SMTA International in Chicago, on September 19 and 20. If you'd like to arrange an appointment to discuss this opportunity with him, please do so through VirTex. With manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Mexico, VirTex can build everything from printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) to complex, multi-level, integrated products in the gaming, industrial, automotive, medical equipment, and aerospace & defense industries.

About VirTex

VirTex is a trusted technology partner that provides strategic Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) to Original Equipment Makers (OEMs).  VirTex increases the competitive position of customers’ products with a smart and simplified regional supply chain solution across the production lifecycle, by focusing on and reflecting their customer's vision.  With manufacturing facilities in the U.S, VirTex also offers a low cost, nearshore manufacturing solution in Mexico, which provides competition and a global supply chain option to their customers.

Through harnessing their local and regional manufacturing solutions, customers become more competitive, by bringing their products to the market faster and at lower costs and adding value through highly skilled and integrated design, manufacturing and distribution services.

With over 30 years of experience, VirTex is known in the industry for commitment to quality, flexibility, compliance to regulatory requirements and avoiding setbacks and delays. Customers trust their products to the responsiveness and ingenuity of their trusted partner, VirTex. 

Vision. Value. VirTex. For further information, click here.


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