Dr. Jennie Hwang to Speak on Reliability of Electronics at SMTAI 2017

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Solder joint reliability plays a critical role in the reliability of the entire spectrum of end-use electronic products from consumer to industrial, from computing to IoT, from medical to military applications. In lead-free electronics, intermetallic compounds become increasingly important to the performance and reliability of solder interconnections in the chip level, package level and board level.

Understanding the essential fundamentals and key factors behind intermetallics and solder joint reliability is a necessity to designing and manufacturing reliable products.

At the upcoming SMTA International 2017 conference, Dr. Jennie S. Hwang leverages her decades of comprehensive real-world experiences and deep knowledge to address solder joint reliability and the role of intermetallic compounds by integrating scientific fundamentals with practical requirements. Dr. Hwang will discuss relevant aspects of solder joint reliability at her Workshop 12 – “Solder Joint Reliability - Principles and Applications,” and Workshop 18 – “Reliability of Electronics – The Role of Intermetallic Compounds.” Attendees are encouraged to bring their own selected systems for deliberation.

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