Vern Solberg to Conduct Tutorial Workshop at SMTAI

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Independent consultant Vern Solberg will conduct a half-day tutorial workshop, “Flex and Rigid-Flex Circuits: Design and Assembly Process Principles,” during SMTA International 2017. The tutorial program will be held at the SMTA International Conference in Rosemont, Illinois, on Sunday, September 17.

This tutorial workshop has been developed to furnish design professionals, systems engineers, and assembly and test engineering specialists with a thorough understanding of the materials, fabrication process variations and preferred design practices for flexible and rigid-flex circuits. In addition, the requirements for automated SMT assembly will be defined and will include detailed discussion regarding panel planning and assembly process variations.

IPC standards for flex and rigid-flex dielectrics will be presented along with basic essentials for circuit fabrication, material metallization technologies selection criteria for SMT components and principles for SMT land pattern development. Assembly processing of flex and rigid-flex circuits will also be detailed with focus on dimensioning and tolerance criteria of palletized layout for in-line assembly processing, SMT assembly process methodologies and alternative joining methods for flexible circuits.

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