JBC to Showcase Latest Soldering and Rework Stations at SMTAI 2017

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JBC Soldering is exhibiting its Excellence range of soldering stations and its rework system, as well as the new fume extractor FAE at the SMTA International 2017, which takes place at the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois. JBC will be at Booth 311.

JBC team will introduce the benefits of the Excellence range of soldering stations and its rework system, as well as the new fume extractor FAE.

The Nano Rework Station, which has been awarded the "Best Exhibit Technology of the Year 2017" by SMTA China, is an excellent solution for soldering tiny components with high precision and accuracy. It incorporates the exclusive JBC heating system which recovers temperature almost instantaneously, cutting down the assembly time and making the soldering process even more efficient. 

Hot Air stations and preheaters are the ideal solution to SMT rework and repair. The improved TESE and JTSE stations feature along with the manual mode a powerful functionality of profiles to perform rework tasks with the maximum precision. They also protect the PCB and the surrounding components better thanks to the new control thermocouple. 

Preheaters are vital in today's industry with high mass PCBs and lead free solder. Using underside heat allows the operator to complete the task rapidly, safely and more efficiently. JBC preheaters offer top quality soldering with minimum thermal stress and deliver the best results with even the most challenging rework applications. 

The JBC Fume Extractor is capable of removing fumes and gases safely and efficiently. It features a unique fully-customizable system that optimizes fume extraction operating only when needed. The FAE automatically starts absorbing harmful fumes and gases when the tool is in use. In addition, an innovative vacuum system integrated into the stand absorbs the fumes when the tool is at rest for up to 300 seconds. 

The SMTA International is the place to get involved in all aspects of the electronics industry. Visitors will be exposed to new materials, the latest equipment and vendor solutions from over 170 leading suppliers. They will also have the chance to attend 120 complimentary technical sessions during those days. 

About JBC Tools

Since 1929, JBC has been at the forefront in developing soldering and rework tools for electronics professionals. JBC is now a worldwide renowned brand offering a wide range of products specially designed to meet every operator needs and applications. JBC has headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, and branches in St. Louis, MO USA, in Guadalajara, Mexico, Hong Kong and Shanghai, China, guaranteeing a quick and efficient service with a distributor network covering the 5 continents. 

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