Universal Highlights Uflex at SMTA International

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Universal Instruments will feature the ultra-flexible Uflex platform – one solution in an extensive automation lineup that addresses virtually every automation challenge – on Booth 223 at the SMTA International trade show in Rosemont, Illinois, on September 19–20. Universal will also have experts from its renowned Advanced Process Lab (APL) on the booth to share insights on current and emerging technologies and help visitors optimize their manufacturing operations.

Uflex delivers cost-effective automation by quickly transitioning to a comprehensive array of standard and third-party tooling, as well as numerous feeding options, to perform virtually any automation task. It features simplified, icon-based programming that can be performed at a manufacturing-level, rather than at the engineering level. These advantages can dramatically speed time to market, particularly in high-mix environments. Uflex provides investment protection versus custom cells designed for a single task, and can lower the cost per insertion by more than 95% versus manual assembly process while substantially improving quality and yields.

On Thursday, September 21 – the final day of the Technical Conference – the APL’s AREA Consortium will cochair Session LF1 in the Lead-Free Soldering Symposium. The full session features three individual papers which summarize the AREA Consortium’s ongoing research on lead-free technology and, in particular, its effects on long-term reliability. These include: Thermal Cycle Reliability Assessment of Bowed PCB Assemblies, The Effect of Die Size on the Thermal Fatigue Reliability and Failure Mode of a Chip Array BGA, and Effect of Process Thermal History on the Microstructure of Copper Pillar SnAg Solder Joints. The papers will be presented by the AREA Consortium and various Consortium members.

“SMTAi is a show that continues to grow, with a 10% increase in booth space and more than 170 exhibiting companies last year,” said Jeff Knight, APL General Manager. “This is really the premier show of the year for the APL. The Technical Conference is one of the strongest in the industry and we’ve built many lasting relationships with customers that we’ve met at the Exhibition over the years.”

About Universal Instruments

Universal Instruments is a global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced automation and assembly equipment solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry. Universal Instruments delivers comprehensive solutions to a global customer base by leveraging exclusive process expertise combined with its innovative portfolio of flexible platforms for surface mount, insertion mount, advanced semiconductor packaging, and end-of-line automation. Universal Instruments is headquartered in Binghamton, N.Y., USA, with offices in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.


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