Altus to Exhibit Solo for the First Time at productronica

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Altus Group will be "flying solo" for the first time at productronica, which will be held in Munich, Germany, from November 14-17, where they will present the latest capital equipment from some of the world's leading manufacturers

Together with their daughter company, Danutek Kft (Hungary) and Danutek Balkans Srl (Romania) who serve the local markets, Bulgaria, Ukraine and surrounding regions, Altus will have a hub at the show where visitors can learn about some of the most recent equipment on the market from suppliers like Yamaha, Koh Young, Rehm, YJ Link, Kolb, Cencorp and Nikon amongst others.

“This is the first time we have exhibited individually, as a company, and not supported one of our principles’ stands," Richard Booth, managing director at Altus, said. “Productronica is a prominent show in the electronics’ industry calendar and we felt it was important to have a hospitality stand where current and prospective customers can engage with the team at Altus and find out about the latest innovative equipment from our principles.

“As Altus and Danutek has expanded, so has our portfolio, with some of the world’s leading manufacturers on our books, with the most innovative equipment on the market today. Productronica is the perfect opportunity for us to give customers all the information they need on products, whether that be a SPI and AOI equipment or Screen Printers and Pick and Place Mounters. We can set up meetings with our suppliers who will have their own individual stands at the show for customers to see equipment demonstrations first-hand.

“Productronica gives us the opportunity to meet directly with customers and allows us to present our principles’ products fully with an expert team on hand to share its knowledge. We are looking forward to spending time with our existing customers and of course any new clients we meet at the show.”

Many of Altus’ suppliers are exhibiting at productronica, including Koh Young (SPI & AOI); YJ Link (Board Handling & Laser Marking); Cencorp (Routers, Odd Form & Final Assembly); Rehm (Convection & Vapour Phase Reflow); Nikon (X-Ray Inspection); Yamaha (Screen Printers and Pick & Place Mounters); Kolb (Cleaning Systems & Chemistry); ATN (Automated Soldering Solutions and Entry Level Pick & Place Systems); Optilia (Full HD Camera Inspection Systems). 

Altus Group Ltd

Altus Group Ltd, signed a representation agreement with Yamaha in 2014 and have already achieved several significant sales successes and built upon the substantial Yamaha installed base which already existed in the UK and Ireland.

Altus Group was formed in 2001 to support the UK and Irish market for Surface Mount Technology, capital equipment for every process, peripheral equipment, spares and consumables and most importantly excellent service support.

The Altus Group product line has evolved over the years with carefully selected suppliers who offer ‘best in class’ products at cost effective prices, from world leading brands.

The Altus Team has a network of highly skilled technical sales specialists, applications and service engineers, providing local support across the UK and Ireland.

In 2005 sister company Danutek was formed with offices in Hungary and Romania to service the needs of local customers and multi-national companies with manufacturing facilities in the Central and Eastern European marketplace. For more information, click here.


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