Successful SMTA International Show for Koh Young America

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The 2017 SMTA International trade show was a resounding success for Koh Young America. With a double-digit increase in qualified booth attendance, the market continues to embrace the production-improving measurement technologies within the Koh Young True 3D inspection solutions. 

With an installed base approaching 11,000 systems, Koh Young America is simply one of the leading inspection companies in the world. Juan Arango, managing director at Koh Young America, comments, "Given our growth trajectory and customer conversion rates, it is clear Koh Young remains the preferred 3D inspection and measurement solution. We are ecstatic about this continued market support."

During the show, one of the company's pick-and-place partners highlighted a complete PCBA line, which included the KY8030-3 full 3D SPI system. In the Koh Young booth, the company demonstrated the speed, accuracy, and repeatability of its flagship aSPIre3 SPI and Zenith AOI systems. More importantly, Koh Young demonstrated is readiness for Industry 4.0 with its innovative KSMART software and process improvement modules.

"We received an overwhelmingly strong response from the industry about our KSMART Process Optimizer (KPO), which is powered by the Koh Young Intelligent Platform for adaptive learning," said Brent Fischthal, Senior Manager, Americas Marketing at Koh Young America. "This year, we demonstrated how KPO actively optimizes the print process to boost process yield, while enabling smart factory communication," continued Fischthal. Complementing the Koh Young hardware and software innovations, Koh Young America participated in several topical roundtables and discussions about the smart factory and product traceability. Koh Young America also expounded on the future of the industry and the challenges therein.

As SMTAI concludes, Koh Young turns to productronia. During the November event, Koh Young will highlight its new machine innovations and software innovations, which both drive production and process improvements. productronica will be held in Messe München, Germany from November 14-17. Koh Young will be in Hall A2 Booth 377. If you cannot attend the show, you can learn more about Koh Young Technology and its best-in-class inspection solutions here.

About Koh Young

Koh Young Technology Inc., the leading 3D measurement-based inspection equipment and solutions provider, performs an essential role for quality control and process optimization across a growing set of industries including printed circuit board assembly, semiconductor manufacturing, machining and assembly process manufacturing, and various medical fields. In addition to the corporate headquarters in Seoul, Korea, Koh Young has established sales and support offices in Germany, Japan, Singapore, China, and the United States. The local facilities ensure Koh Young maintains close communication and support with our customers, while providing a global network to support Koh Young Technology users.


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