Microart Boosts Capabilities with Two More High-Speed Lines

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Microart Services Inc., a contract manufacturer located in Ontario, Canada, has strengthened capabilities by adding two more high-speed lines. The company now has a total of eight lines, consisting of five high-speed lines, two low-volume lines, and a dedicated twenty-four-hour NPI line.

“We are extremely pleased with the continued growth we are seeing not only with our existing customers but with some new partners that have entrusted us with their production orders. Not only are we seeing growth with our PCBA services but also final assembly and logistics services,” says Mark Wood, COO.

Microart has plans for continued growth this year that may include the addition of at least one more high-speed line and multiple selective soldering machines.

Microart has also upgraded its ISO certifications for 9001 to the 2015 standard and the 13485 to 2016 standard, which are the latest versions. Microart plans to add AS9100 within six months.


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