MIRTEC's 3D AOI Systems to Take Center Stage at productronica

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MIRTEC will exhibit its MV-6 OMNI 3D AOI system in Hall A2 Booth 329 at productronica 2017, which is scheduled to take place November 14–17, 2017 at the Messe München in Munich, Germany. Additionally, the company will show the MS-11e 3D SPI, MV-3 OMNI Desktop 3D AOI and INTELLISYS software.

"We are excited to show our latest technologies, as MIRTEC has again pulled away from the competition by introducing new features on the market-leading MV-6 OMNI. Another model that is already showing its leading position is the MV-3 OMNI – a 3D version of the famous MV-3L. The MV-3 OMNI offers the highest specification far outperforming competitive inline offerings, whilst allowing the customer the best in cost, flexibility and technology. We look forward to demonstrating these multi award-winning technologies to the visitors at this year's event," said David Bennett, president of MIRTEC Europe Ltd.

The MV-6 OMNI 3D AOI machine is configured with MIRTEC's exclusive OMNI-VISION 3D inspection technology that combines the 15 Mega Pixel CoaXPress Camera Technology with MIRTEC’s 8 Projection Digital Multi-Frequency Moiré 3D system in a newly designed, cost-effective platform. MIRTEC’s 15 Mega Pixel CoaXPress Vision System is a proprietary camera system designed and manufactured by MIRTEC for use with our complete product range of 3D inspection systems. MIRTEC's Moiré technology provides true 3D inspection to yield precise height measurement data used to detect lifted component and lifted lead defects as well as solder volume post reflow. Fully configured, the MIRTEC MV-6 OMNI machines feature four (4) 10 Mega Pixel Side-View Cameras in addition to a 15 Mega Pixel Top-Down Camera.

The MS-11e 3D SPI Machine is configured with MIRTEC’s exclusive 15 Mega Pixel CoaXPress Vision System, providing enhanced image quality, superior accuracy and incredibly fast inspection rates. The machine uses dual projection “shadow free” 3D Moiré technology combined with a precision telecentric compound lens and precision laser PCB warpage compensation to accurately characterize each solder deposition post screen print. 

The MS-11e precisely measures solder volume, area, shape deformity and X/Y position and inspects for bridging between adjacent solder depositions. Furthermore, the MS-11e provides “Real Time” closed loop feedback to the screen printing system to effectively eliminate defects before they occur.

The MV-3 OMNI Desktop 3D AOI system is configured with MIRTEC’s OMNI-VISION 3D Inspection Technology which combines the 18 Mega Pixel CoaXPress Industrial Camera Technology with the revolutionary 8 Projection Digital Multi-Frequency Moiré 3D system in a newly designed desktop platform. Fully configured, the new MIRTEC MV-3 OMNI machines feature four (4) 10 Mega Pixel Side-View Cameras in addition to the 15 Mega Pixel Top-Down Camera making this system the most technologically advanced Desktop AOI machine in the world! There is little doubt that this new technology will set the standard by which all other inspection equipment is measured.

For the first time, MIRTEC will introduce the NEW MV-9 SIP "System in Package" inspection system specializing in CSP components utilizing the MIRTEC 25mpx camera with combined 2D and 3D inspection technologies. The system is able to handle 0.1mm to 3mm thicknesses via a vacuum block.

MIRTEC’s total quality management system software, INTELLISYS also will be on display at productronica. This software suite promotes continuous process improvement by allowing manufacturers to track and eliminate defects on inspected assemblies.


MIRTEC is a leading global supplier of automated inspection systems to the electronics manufacturing industry.  For further information, please click here.


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