Choosing Solder Processes: Getting It Right

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Las Marias: Finally, Ralf, what are some of the latest innovations from Rehm that will help address this voiding challenge?

Wagenfuehr: We have the condensation soldering system for very high-reliability applications. We have four different kinds of series for each market, so two condensation soldering machines with vacuum. For industries that do not have the possibilities for condensation soldering, where the limitation is the cycle times, then we have vacuum reflow, which features a built-in vacuum into the reflow process, after the peak zone. Here, we can get the escaped voids down to 2%. Those are the products we have in terms of equipment. But our team knows about the process also, and that’s also another factor. So, when you buy with Rehm, you get not only the machine, but the whole support in your production. We are happy to do this to our customers.

Las Marias: Do you have any other final comments?

Wagenfuehr: I think the paste and the component suppliers should collaborate more for the industry to develop in the same direction. Of course, this will help everybody to have faster development and understand the emphasis in the machinery industry. Sure, we want to be the most sellable oven, but I think it’s also important that the customer can choose and know who the right supplier is for them and the right component, and the right paste supplier. They often choose wrongly and choose ingredients that aren’t right for the process, and make the wrong product. Maybe more communication between all the suppliers will open collaboration that will be helpful.

Las Marias: Communication and collaboration are key.

Wagenfuehr: Yes, correct.

Las Marias: Thank you very much, Ralf.

Wagenfuehr: Thank you.



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