Schneider & Koch Continues to Expand Its Test-System Portfolio for LED Testing

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AOI- and function-test specialist Schneider & Koch is continuing to expand its portfolio for inspecting LED-populated circuit boards with the HV tester for the high-voltage testing of LED assemblies. The HV tester will be available in two sizes as the standard system by year's end.

High-voltage testing is used to inspect the insulation and voltage stability of assemblies. Here, voltages that normally affect the specimen only in cases involving disruptions, faults, or exceptional external influences are applied to it. With the high-voltage test, such things as deteriorating insulation properties, as well as processing faults such as damaged insulation, can be determined in serial production. These tests are part of national and international safety standards and take the highest priority as part of electrical safety inspections.

The high-voltage test is generally done both with DC and with AC and is only necessary with LED-populated circuit boards the undersides of which consist of metal. A leakage current flows between the voltage-bearing components and the circuit board's metal underside during testing. A minimum distance between the voltage-bearing components and the test specimen's metal base can be assumed should no flash-over occur.

"We delivered already the first HV testers," explains Ronald Block, CEO of Schneider & Koch. "The customer can now test the full length of the entire strip in one test step."

With the HV tester, contact is accomplished via needle contacts on the circuit board's upper side. The printed circuit board is contacted on the underside using a surface contact. Schneider & Koch thus offers an economical, flexible, and universal adapter system.

The HV tester is in obtainable in two sizes. The standard design enables boards of up to 1000 mm to be tested. The system can also be optionally expanded to the longboard length of 1500 mm. The overall machine length is 2000 mm in this case. The system is obtainable as an in-line system and can be integrated into any assembly line via SMEMA interfaces.

"With our LaserVision LED, and the now developed HV tester, we can offer our customers an extensive test portfolio for testing LED strips efficiently and fully automatically. With these two systems, we cover AOI testing, electrical testing of the components, the LED function test, and the high-voltage test. Our customers thus obtain the most important test results from a single source and can store them for traceability," says Block.

Interested parties can obtain more information about the HV tester at productronica 2017 in Munich. Schneider & Koch is presenting its test systems in Hall A1 Stand 269.

About Schneider & Koch

Prüftechnik Schneider & Koch Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH became a pioneer in the fields of Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) and Automatic Test Facilities (ATE) in around 30 years with this approach. As a service provider and manufacturer of systems involving test engineering, Schneider & Koch offers solutions to production companies from all industries.

Partnerships with renowned manufacturers of testing systems, the establishment of partnerships with well-known manufacturers, and the expansion to representatives at home and abroad have led Prüftechnik Schneider & Koch into a new company dimension in recent years. A young managing-director duo, highly qualified employees, and regular attendance at trade fairs ensure customer proximity and enhanced understanding of the customer.

Schneider & Koch covers the following areas:

  • Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Automatic Test Facilities (ATE) in-circuit test, function test, and components
  • Adapter construction
  • Test services
  • Consulting

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