Solder Preforms 101: Ask the Expert

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Goldman: That's very good because I understand 25% voiding is often considered acceptable.

Sidone: You're absolutely right. In fact, 50% in a lot of cases is acceptable. But this preform system is for customers who have inconsistent voiding or are looking to reduce their average voiding to 20% or less.

Goldman: Since you are now past beta testing, you can now start to get some real production data to add to your knowledge base.

Sidone: That’s right. We are in production with the technology, today. Like I said, it's very compelling and we're excited about it.

Goldman: Now, are these preforms in multiple sizes or shapes? Of course, each reel would have a particular size or shape, correct?

Sidone: Yes, but our studies have allowed us the flexibility to choose a single preform size across multiple component sizes thus reducing inventory for our customers. And this new preform system will develop over time as we continue to collect data and build our matrix of solutions to bring to our customers.

Goldman: That's very interesting.

Sidone: We're excited about it.

Goldman: Jerry, thanks again for joining me today.



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