European EMS Production Volume Valued at €34.6B in 2016

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The total EMS production volume in Europe reached €34.6 billion in 2016, up by 2.1% from the previous year’s €33.9 billion, according to the new in4ma EMS Market Analysis Europe 2017. From a regional perspective, Western Europe accounted for more than 50% of the total EMS production value in 2015. Last year, it was Eastern Europe overtook Western Europe to become the biggest EMS production hub in terms of value in the region.

Besides labor costs, there are other significant differences between Eastern Europe and Western Europe. The three global EMS providers Foxconn, Flex and Jabil—with the majority of their factories being located in Eastern Europe—dominate the region, holding more than 35% of European production. Meanwhile, many small and medium-sized EMS suppliers are located in Western Europe. While there are a few small and medium-sized EMS firms in Eastern Europe, compared to the big three, the majority of EMS companies in the East are insignificant.

Productivity, measured as revenues per head, also shows interesting differences. However, the essential question is why the in4ma EMS market analysis for Europe show a growth rate of only 2.1% in 2016, whereas the press have been reporting record revenues one after another for EMS companies in the region. The in4ma EMS market report addresses this by featuring a detailed growth rates for eight different revenue groups.

The new in4ma EMS Market Analysis features detailed analysis for 37 countries. Seventeen countries have a ranking of the Top 5 EMS firms; UK, France and Italy have a list of the Top 10; and Germany has a list of the Top 25. Trackers for these rankings are mentioned as well. More than 245 EMS companies are mentioned, either in the rankings or due to special events.

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