Goepel electronic Enhances 3D AOI and Flying Probe System

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Goepel electronic's PILOT AOI Version 6 system software now has a tool for fully automated generation of 3D AOI test programs. With MagicClick, users save up to 80% of the usual time for generation and optimization, resulting in a highly efficient AOI programming for multiple PCBs, which is particularly relevant for manufacturers of small volumes.

The AOI test program, including the component library, is generated fully automatically within only a few minutes, using a sample PCB. This process generates a production-ready test program, and only minimal adjustments are required after.

Typically, inspection in the manufacturing process is possible in less than half an hour, even for complex PCBs. In comparison to the conventional approach, MagicClick offers significant cost savings and allows the use of AOI even for the smallest volumes, guaranteeing a return on investment of the AOI system in a very short time.

MagicClick executes an automatic layout analysis after importing Gerber and placement data. After that, the required library entries are created and the respective article numbers are assigned. Using the sample PCB and predefined tolerances, the inspection parameters are then automatically adjusted. MagicClick is available in the software PILOT AOI Version 6 for Vario Line·3D with the camera module 3D·ViewZ.

Fig2-Goepel-21Nov17.jpgIn a separate news release, Goepel electronic has extended the integration of embedded JTAG solutions to the SPEA 4050 Flying Probe Systems. This enables the combination of the boundary scan test technology with the flying probe test, making the SPEA 4050 system a cost and time efficient test platform for electrical assemblies in production.

The fully integrated software package provides the user with a convenient test development with dedicated interfaces for the data exchange of both systems. In production, the boundary scan software SYSTEM CASCON is completely embedded in the Leonardo software from SPEA, from which the tests are initiated, and the results are managed. SYSTEM CASCON then takes over the control of the test system and thus achieves a higher test coverage and test depth. For the operator, nothing changes in the usual operating environment.

About Goepel electronic

Goepel electronic is a leading provider of innovative test and inspection solutions for printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) and electronic devices and systems. The company is divided into four divisions: Automotive Test Solutions, Embedded JTAG Solutions, Industrial Function Test, and Inspection Solutions AOI·AXI·SPI·IVS.

For more information, visit www.goepel.com.



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