Rehm Showcases Latest Tech at productronica 2017

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At the recent productronica 2017 tradeshow in Munich, Germany, Rehm Thermal Systems presented its latest technologies targeted at taking electronics assembly to the next level, enabled by the vision of a smarter factory and Industry 4.0.

Among its systems presented are the reflow convection soldering machines VisionXC and the VisionXP+, which comes with optional vacuum technology.

Rehm2-27Nov17.JPGFor the VisionXP+, Rehm presented numerous developments, including new EC fan motors, a more powerful cooling section, and design optimizations. Meanwhile, VisionXC was presented in a special ViCON edition to offer robust system technology. It features the new, modern ViCON software including the ViCON app for mobile system monitoring.

The focus was also on CondensoXC, a compact condensation soldering system for small batch sizes; Securo for reliable cold or warm function tests; and Nexus as a completely new series for soldering with contact heat and vacuum for use in the production of power electronics.

For the safe coating of sensitive electronics, Rehm presented two systems: the ProtectoXP and the ProtectoXC. The ProtectoXP comes in a longboard model, with enables sophisticated PCBs up to 1.5 m long to be coated with high precision, and has up to four applicators. The system also offers numerous new possibilities beyond the area of conformal coating – for example, for the application of 2-component materials as well as applications for compaction, encapsulation or heat dissipation.

Meanwhile, the new ProtectoXC was interesting for customers who wanted to enter the area of protective coating with lower investment costs and low throughput.

Rehm3-27Nov17.JPGIn line with the overwhelming trend of digitization, networking and Big Data, Rehm developed the new ViCON software with touch user interface – an innovative solution for easy operation of the VisionX-Series. The software supports the user in production control, profiling, product management, data recording and monitoring. At the show, Rehm’s software team presented a number of possibilities for increasing efficiency and improving machine availability, including the ViCON Analytics monitoring tool, the ViCON Connect remote manager for monitoring the entire Rehm machinery, and the ViCON app, which lets the operator keep an eye on production in a mobile way.

Last but not least, Rehm, together with partner artiso solutions, showcased a reflow soldering process in a revolutionary 3D projection through the Microsoft HoloLens, which merges reality and virtual reality.


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