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Digitization, networking and big data are megatrends in the electronics industry, to which electronics manufacturers today should react quickly and with flexibility. Huge data volumes have to be managed and archived for the long term. At the same time, demands on performance are increasing. Rehm has developed a smart system software with the new ViCON that not only provides the best possible control of the VisionX series, but also increases machine uptime and efficiency with numerous analysis tools.

"As the volume of data in modern industrial plants increases, so too do the demands on machine control in today's digital transformation. We presented our new software to an international expert audience at this year’s ‘productronica’. The visitors were particularly impressed by the new tools that make everyday production easier. This shows that we as an industry leader and global player are in tune with the times with ViCON and are implementing new trends ready for series production," says Johannes Rehm, Managing Director of Rehm Thermal Systems.

Keep the line running – a good basis counts

Rehm has achieved a small milestone in the development of modern operating concepts with the new software. ViCON stands out with a clearly structured interface design and intuitive touch control. All messages, commands and parameters are visible at a glance in the main screen with machine view. With numerous features, for example, a favourites bar that can be freely added, the unique grouping of parameters or the individual process monitoring and documentation, ViCON offers the operator optimum support for all manufacturing processes. Access rights, views and favourites are tailored exactly to each user. The objective is to depict the system’s current operating status clearly so that the operator can react quickly to status and alarm messages. Only the relevant information is displayed, and a cluttered software interface is a thing of the past.

In addition to the basic software, Rehm is developing additional features to increase efficiency, including monitoring tools from ViCON Analytics range, the ViCON Connect remote manager for monitoring the entire Rehm machinery and the ViCON App, which allows the operator to keep an eye on production in a mobile way.

ViCON Analytics: Greater transparency in the manufacture of electronics

What is happening in the reflow soldering system? What areas can be further improved? Where are the hidden potential savings? These questions can be answered quickly with ViCON Analytics. Special monitoring tools capture the plant’s data on quality, costs or performance and collate the results in clearly laid-out logs. This makes corresponding analyses possible and potential for improvement apparent.

ViCON Connect: Flexible operation – offline, online or on the system

Being able to access the machine from anywhere and at any time is essential these days. With remote access via ViCON Connect, the operator can retrieve machine data at any time, switch directly to the system, and monitor production conveniently at the workstation. This makes it possible, in conjunction with a cross-divisional system, to maintain an overview of the entire production – even worldwide!

Mobile retrieval of system data with the ViCON App

The App – developed especially for ViCON – allows mobile access to all the relevant system information via smartphone. Operating status and alarms are visible at first glance. The responsive design ensures optimum display on varied devices, thus offering a convenient overview – system-wide for IOS, Android and Windows. The ViCON App is not restricted to a specific system; instead it represents all Rehm systems that are installed during the production and which have been connected to the App.


ViCON software user interface and ViCON App


ViCON software user interface and ViCON App


Main menu, depending on user level (images: Rehm)

About Rehm Thermal System

As a specialist in the field of thermal system solutions for the electronics and photovoltaics industries, Rehm is a technology and innovation leader in the modern and economical production of electronic modules. As a globally operating manufacturer of reflow soldering systems with convection, condensation or vacuum, drying and coating systems, functional test systems, equipment for the metallization of solar cells as well as numerous customer-specific special systems, we are represented in all relevant growth markets and, as a partner with more than 25 years of industry experience, we implement innovative manufacturing solutions that set standards.

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