Vision Engineering Launches New Hand Held Digital Magnifier

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Vision Engineering announces the launch of the Camβ, a portable, hand held magnifier, ideally suited for magnification on the go. The simple, easy to use magnifier will take over from its predecessor, the CamZ. With more features at a lower price, Camβ is an attractive option as a magnification and documentation system which can be used in the workshop, laboratory, production and analytical environments, or in the field. The new magnifier is a handheld inspection device, suitable for a wide range of applications where inspection using a fixed digital inspection system is not possible.

Camβ provides magnification from 4x to 20x, stores up to 20,000 images and offers simple dimensioning by way of grids and cursors for X & Y. 

With a high resolution color display, easy button operation and image capture/download capability, Camβ is ideal for roaming inspection tasks, documenting faults and inspecting hard to reach, large or immobile subjects.

Camβ is equipped with dual LED illumination (4 setting options), high contrast imaging and 30 frames video capture capabilities. A live-view video output via micro HDMI allows for display of images on a large screen suitable for training purposes and the device will operate for up to 6 hours between charges.

Unlike smartphone technology, the Camβ is lightweight, easy to operate with one hand (left or right hand), optically optimized for close working and the illumination is specifically designed for close subjects. Camβ can be used in secure environments where Bluetooth or communications capable devices are not accepted.

Camβ is ideal for a number of applications such as electronics, mechanical, automotive, watchmaking, plastics engineering, medical and ultimately wherever fast digital documentation is needed.

Recommended retail price: $595.00

About Vision Engineering Inc.

Vision Engineering Inc. designs and manufactures patented ‘eyepiece-less’ microscopes for industrial and laboratory applications. Established in 1958, more than 300,000 systems have been installed worldwide for inspection and measurement tasks. Company headquarters are based in Surrey, UK with manufacturing facilities in the UK and US. Regional offices are located throughout North America, Europe and Asia.


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