Relaunched IMI Website Enhances User Experience

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EMS firm Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. has launched its redesigned website at The revamp further boosts the company's online presence and reflects the strengths and capabilities of IMI.

"We took the redesign of our website seriously with all of our stakeholders in mind. I invite you to visit it and see for yourself the enhanced user experience, its interactive and dynamic content, regardless of how you choose to access it—from phones, to tablets to various types of monitor set-ups," said Arthur Tan, IMI chief executive officer.

The upgraded website has updated and enhanced contents that are easy to read, navigate and understand. A 'connect-with-us' tab is visible in every section of the site. With the revamp, the site boasts of its mobile readability, adapting its display for optimal viewing on any size and resolution screen or device and is compatible on different browsers.

Another significant characteristic of the website is its responsive and fluid design—bold, solid, and assertive with improved navigation and functionality all throughout. Its key design elements include its focus on typography, stacked layout style and parallax animated transitions.



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