Industry 4.0 and the Platform-Based Approach to Testing

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Las Marias: What about the cybersecurity?

Nair: That’s one of the largest areas of concern and research, and that will continue—security for factory, security for cars, security for anything that is connected to the network, which basically is almost any device all the way from your watch to a Tesla. I think that will be a continuing threat, and then we’ll continue to see solutions. I don’t think there will be a time when we can say there’s no more threat, neither can we say that all these solutions are completely adequate.

Las Marias: What is your outlook for the electronics manufacturing industry in the next year or two?

Nair: Consumerism is still a strong trend. People want new devices, faster, cheaper, better, whether it’s better phones, better cars—cars now are also consumer devices with multiple electronics—better computers, better everything. And they want it cheaper and faster. That is driving the market tremendously.

Las Marias: How is National Instruments positioned amid all the evolution happening in the global electronics manufacturing industry?

Nair: We are positioned in a great space. We’ve been talking about platforms for more than 30 years, and it’s been proven time over time that when you do a platform-based approach to test and measurement systems, then you can scale up. With the technology changing so quickly and convergence of multiple technologies, the modular hardware with software centricity, I think we are probably among the best placed vendors to be able to tap into that fast-changing market.

Las Marias: Thank you very much, Chandran.

Nair: Thank you.


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